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In BRAVE MEDIA & MANAGEMENT we want to add value to your company, nowdays the message that you transmit to your audience on Social Media or trough your Website represents the face for your company, your business and your personal brand.

We believe that team work it’s the key to go further, understanding our clients needs and aware that in a blink of an eye everything changes and a new social network is born.

We know how important Digital Marketing is. We can create online visibility for your brand, drive traffic and generate leads. With us you will dominate your industry.

“Be BRAVE to pursue your dreams and start TODAY”

M.V. Coll




Responsive Web Design

Logo Design

Business Card Design

Digital Cards (V-Cards)

Positioning (SEO)

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We focus on Responsive Web Design so that the user has a better experience when visiting any web page regardless of the device from where it does.

We comply with the elaboration schedule in the period of time established with the client.

The client will monitor and approve each and every stage of the design process of his website and thus ensure that he is satisfied with the final result of the same.

Digital Marketing

Digital Strategies

Social Networking Management

Content Creation

Market segmentation

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In the digital sphere, new tools such as immediacy, new networks that emerge every day, and the possibility of real measurements of each one of the strategies used appear.

The promotion of production or services in theory is carried out through actions that are characterized by the use of high doses of creativity, surprise and sense of opportunity.

Currently users have a very important power that was previously only allowed to the media and is the opinion.

Public Relations

Strategic Communication

Personal and Corporate Branding

Corporate Brand Promotion

Business Links

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Every entity has and leads Public Relations so it must develop a program to manage them intelligently. PRs are the "credible source" that when the third-party objective message is heard, read, or seen, the message is more persuasive. We help you create business bonds that serve to segment your audience and position your brand within the niche.

Organization Of Events

Support in Production and Logistics

Market Research

Corporate Events

Courses and Certifications

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We support logistics and event production. As well as we intend to bring the latest and highest quality in plays and certifications in Miami and its surroundings.


María Valentina Rodríguez

CEO and Founder - Miami, FL.

Journalist - Social Media Consultant. "I don't believe in coincididences but in causalities"

Johny Ríos

CTO - Venezuela

Web Designer / Projects Developer. "Programming is like loving, clean, pure and true"


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